Friday, June 11, 2010

The Great Chase--Part 2 of 2

In this scene from Where Love Once Lived, Brian and Liz have picked up a carjack victim and they are chasing the car thief, not thinking they'll catch up to him in their bulky bookmobile, but just to help the victim feel better. For the complete chase scene, read yesterday's post first.

“Look out!” Liz said. “There’s a speed bump.”

Brian braked too late. Books flew into the air and their passenger, who wasn’t wearing a seatbelt, bounced up into the air, too.

When he came back down into the door well with a thump, he yelled, “Ken Odiorne!”

“Is that who stole your car?” Brian asked.

“No. That’s me,” the frightened man said. “Just in case I don’t survive the chase.”

Brian slowed the vehicle gradually. “Do you want me to slow down?”

“No, Keep going,” Ken said. “Let’s catch that crook.”

Brian looked at Liz. She nodded, so he pushed the accelerator to the floor, hoping there were no more speed bumps along the way.

After a short time, Ken hollered again. “Look! There it is. That’s my car.”

“Where?” Brian asked. Was it possible?

“There,” Ken said. “On the right. Quick, he’s turning.”

Brian turned right so fast more books fell to the floor. “Liz, call the police, and give them our location. Tell them we have the stolen vehicle in sight.”

Before she finished relaying the message, they saw a police car heading toward them, blocking the stolen car from going forward. Brian pulled the bookmobile behind the car to block it in. Another police car came around them and blocked the stolen car on the left. The only escape was to the right, and Brian saw Ken standing there with fists at the ready. Brian hadn’t seen Ken get out of the bookmobile, but there he was, ready for battle. The crook was smart enough to get out on the side where the police waited for him instead of Ken.

Brian and Liz gave their names to the officers and told Ken goodbye. He thanked them profusely with tears in his eyes. Liz gave him a big hug, and Brian thanked him for letting them be a part of the “Great Chase,” or so they were calling today’s adventure. As they said goodbye, Brian remembered Varner and looked at his watch. There was plenty of time. When they got to Hill Country, Brian and Liz reshelved the fallen books and placed the ones Varner had sent for her mother’s library back in the box they came in. The job was nearly complete when he noticed Liz staring at one of the books. She opened and closed the cover several times. Her smile grew into laughter.

You'll have to read the book to find out what Liz discovered. Thank goodness for those speed bumps all over Austin streets.

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