Monday, June 7, 2010

Enter the Drawing for a Free Book

I've tried suggesting, begging, and guilting my friends to help pad my blog followers list before the book comes out and I want to thank all of you who did. Now, as the publication date nears, I want to try a method that always works: bribery.

I thought about giving a free copy of Where Love Once Lived to anyone on the follower list at the time of publication, but if this bribery stuff works, that could be too costly. So, here's the plan I came up with. I'll give away 10 books by drawing from the names of blog followers. It doesn't matter if you sign up as a Network Blog Follower or a Google Friend Follower. Both is okay, too.

The names of all followers will be put into a hat once for each week on a list. Since I didn't write down dates for those on the list, I'll assume everyone now on the list has been there since the beginning, March 31, 2010. Then, I'll draw 10 names and send each one a free book. Signed, if you like.

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