Monday, August 2, 2010

Finding God's Love -- Part 1 of 5

In Where Love Once Lived, Brian learns his mother has Alzheimer's. He is distraught. He drives, not knowing where he is going and ends up in the parking lot of the church he once attended with his family. Read what happens next.

He drove not knowing where he was going, trying to remember
how his mother looked before she got sick. He should be thankful
for the brief conversation he had with her, but there was so much
more he wanted to tell her. He drove slowly along a road he used
to take to the beach, when a familiar sight appeared. On the right
was Barnabas Christian Church, his church until he kicked God out
of his life thirty years ago. He wanted to drive by, but he couldn’t.
The church beckoned him, so he pulled into the parking lot and
turned off the engine. Memories of his youth came to him as he sat
in the parked car. He’d been happy in this church, and he wanted
to find the solace he’d once had. Was it possible? He walked slowly
toward the nearest entrance to find out. Reverend Patrick promised
the church would be open twenty-four hours a day, every day of
the week. When Brian got to the entrance, however, he found steel
bars and padlocks instead of the welcome he desperately needed.
He checked the other three doors to the sanctuary and found them
blocked as well. It had to be a sign. He wasn’t welcomed. He turned
and walked back to the car.

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