Monday, August 30, 2010

Donate a Book to Your Church Library

Several friends have told me they purchased copies of Where Love Once Lived to give to their church libraries. One brought me a copy to sign before giving it to the church.

I talked to the person who oversees a church library at one church in town, and she said there is no budget for their library. They get books donated, but often end up with too many copies of the same book, or they get nonfiction books, but not enough Christian fiction books. She said they were planning to sell the surplus books to raise money to buy the books they need.

I'm sure most church libraries have the same needs. So, if you have Christian books you no longer need, consider donating them to your church. And tell them you don't mind if the book is sold. That way, if they don't need your particular book, it will give them a way to raise funds to get what they do need.

As a book reviewer for a Christian publisher, I get free books and then donate them to my church after I've read them. I recently purchased a Christian novel on CDs for a trip and afterwards decided it should go to the public library where it would get more use. In fact, since this particular book (Hand of Fate) doesn't look or sound like a Christian book, someone without a church may check it out and learn how some people love God.

So, please feel free to buy an extra copy of Where Love Once Lived so you'll have a copy to donate to your church library or other worthy organization.

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