Monday, August 9, 2010

Use of Digital Books on the Rise -- Have You Read One?

Have you noticed the increased number of books available in digital format? I have. Electronic books have been around for decades, the first available only on computers. However, the use of e-books increased rapidly when introduced its Kindle. Another jump in digital reading came with the Apple's iPhone. Now there are several other reliable e-readers such as Barnes and Noble's Nook and Apple's iPad.

Where Love Once Lived will be available in various digital formats, including Kindle.

I bought a Kindle when they first came out and then updated twice since. I read it every day. I like being able to use my iPhone and my personal computer to read the same book. keeps them all in synch. I like the PC software best if I'm making a lot of notes so I use it when reading a book I plan to review.

I love being able to look up the meaning of words as I read. I love being able to change the font size anytime I want to. I love being able to underline and make notes as I read.

I plan to do an article about the various readers available in a future post. Today, I want to ask you about your experience with digital books. Have you read a digital book on any device? If so, what device did you use? Do you use it on a regular basis? What do you like and dislike about it?

If you haven't read a digitized book, do you plan to?

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