Monday, August 23, 2010

BOOK REVIEW: Starburst by Robin Pilcher

This is a story about seven people and how their lives touch each other during the annual Edinburgh Festival. Tess, the recently married young woman who works for the Festival, Roger who does the fireworks for the closing of the Festival, Angélique, the young French violinist who performs at the Festival, Albert, Angélique 's manager who has kept tight reins on her, Rene, the mom turned comedienne who performs at the Festival Fringe, Leonard, the retired cameraman who ends up financing a film made at the Festival, T.K., Leonard's apprentice, who fights to stay out of jail for stealing cars, and Jamie, the young owner of the boarding house in Edinburgh who brings most of the other characters together.

This book came out in 2007, but I just got around to reading it last month. I've read other Robin Pilcher books as well as books written by his mother Rosamunde Pilcher and have enjoyed them all.

Actually, I listened to the first half of Starburst, from CDs checked out at the public library while on a road trip. However, we got home before the finishing the book, so the last half was read on a Kindle.

The book uses English and Scottish dialogue so I'm glad I had a chance to listen to it first. The reader, John Lee, did an excellent job with the accents. So, by the time I started reading the Kindle, I could still hear the accents of the various characters.

This is a good, entertaining story with some suspense and some romance. It's not quite what I usually review for my Christian Bookmobile blog, but I would recommend it to anyone. There are some emotional parts that will bring tears to your eyes, but you'll also laugh out loud in places. I love the type of story were good things happen to good people, and I wasn't disappointed.

I've been to Edinburgh several times so I had a good feel for the locale which was the background for the story. However, I've never been there for the Festival and now I would like to go. This year it is being held as I write this review, August 13 to September 5, 2010.

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