Friday, May 7, 2010

Publishing a Kindle Version

I’d like to have a Kindle version of Where Love Once Lived ready at the same time the printed book is released. I asked my CreateSpace publishing consultant how to do that. Here is the response I received:

Dear Sid,

No problem! We should have the Kindle file conversion option up and running in the middle to end of next month. The soft cover files would be created first, but we can create the Kindle files quickly after. Keep an eye on your email as we will be announcing this service to all authors once available. Thanks and have a great day!

April Bogdon
Publishing Consultant

The next day, I got this message:

Hello Sidney,

Thank you for your message and your interest in’s eBook program and making your books available for the Amazon Kindle wireless reading device. Although CreateSpace does not currently offer support for this program, you may visit for more information.

If you have further questions regarding Amazon’s eBook program, please feel free to visit their FAQ and help section at:

Please feel free to contact us with any additional questions or concerns.


Account Management

I'm not sure, but I think the publishing consultant is saying there will be some easier way to create a Kindle version soon and the account management representive is saying I can create a Kindle version now if I want to. Click here for more information. I think I will wait for the easier approach, mainly because I want the Kindle version to look more like the printed version. I'll let you know more about this as it progresses.

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