Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Approving the Interior Design

I received the mock-up of Where Love Once Lived yesterday and thought you might want to see it. First let me describe the communication from CreateSpace.

I got the usual no reply e-mail telling me action was needed. I logged into the CreateSpace site and selected the book with action required. In the section called Total Design Freedom Custom Book Interior I found this:

Your design mock-up is available!

Next steps:
1. Download and save your design mock-up
2. Review carefully
3. Accept Design Mock-Up to have your interior proof created based on your design mock-up within ten business days OR Provide Design Feedback to have elements represented in your design mock-up changed. Your revised design mock-up will be available within five business days of receiving your feedback.

Please note: This phase is intended to finalize your book's design. You will have the opportunity to make textual changes at a later date.

Download Design Mockup

Accept Design Mock-up | Provide Design Feedback

I downloaded the design mock-up and printed it out. The front material, chapter one and the first page of chapter two were included to show the appearance of the book. Everything looked good except they had left out my middle initial which I had specified should be used. I had already corrected that for the publicity material, but I guess I'll have to do the same for each separate team who works on the book. Since the instructions say I will have an opportunity to make textual changes at a later date, I accepted the design mock-up as is. This means I should have the interior proof within the next ten days.

Click Where Love Once Lived Mockup to see how it looks.

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