Monday, May 3, 2010

More About Book Covers

When I first started working with CreateSpace, I selected a package deal. Go to and click on Services. Next, click on a tab called Publishing Solutions. From there the best thing to do is to click the button on the far right to show a side by side comparison of the various solutions provided. I selected the Advanced Solution. The next better choice was Marketing Pro with a better cover, basic copyediting, and a sales video. I didn't need the video or the basic copyediting, but I wanted the better cover. So I talked to CreateSpace and was able to get the better cover by paying extra. It wasn't until later that I noticed an even better cover not included in the publishing solutions choices. You can find it only by selecting the Layout and Design tab under Services. It is called Illustrated Book Cover. I had to pay extra again to get it.

This cover includes a custom illustration created by a professional artist, the text, barcode, and formatting. They will include author photo, but I chose not to do that. The next step is for CreateSpace to review the information I provided through the questionnaire and send me a sketch of the illustration for the cover. If I like it, then they'll design a black and white version. When I approve that, they'll create a full-color version for my approval.

Next, they will create two cover concepts using the approved illustration with varying title designs, colors, and back cover layouts. Additional layouts will cost extra. Then, I will select the layout I like best.

This process is expected to take six to eight weeks. I'll be sure to let you know how the process is going and show you the drafts along the way.

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