Wednesday, May 1, 2013

What Readers Say About the Bookmobile Series

There are three Christian Bookmobile books now: Where Love Once Lived (2010), The Vengeance Squad (2011) and Love Lives On (2013). Although some of the same characters appear in each book, I tried to write each one to be complete within itself.

However, if you want to keep a strict timeline, read them in the order shown above. Where Love Once Lived and Love Lives On have the same main characters. The second book begins where the first one ended. The Vengeance Squad has a different main character. However, Liz, the librarian is prominent in all three books. Love Lives On has some scenes with Chris and Tex from The Vengeance Squad.

Based on early reviews of Love Lives On, readers seem to like to read more about the characters from the first two bookmobile books.

Laura: A sequel to Where Love Once Lived was highly anticipated by me. Being curious as I am, I simply had to know what would be happening in the characters' lives. Love Lives On answered the questions in my mind, with humor, a bit of romance and much mystery. Sidney blended the stories and characters into an exciting novel.

B.J.: You'll want to read both novels Where Love Once Lived and Love Lives on. Though both books can be read alone, if you're like me, you'll want to know more about what happens to the characters. I love series. You first meet Karen in Where Love Once Lived along with other characters who show up in Love Lives on as friends who help her in her time of need.

Christina: Love Lives On is a very surprising book with many unexpected twists in it, And of course it has the bookmobile in it, and the Squad in it.

Rollo: Although this book is clearly a continuation of Frost's earlier Where Love Once Lived and brings back some characters from The Vengeance Squad it is a fully complete stand-alone novel.

Longtime Scribbler: In "Love Lives On", the second in the Christian Bookmobiles series, Sidney W. Frost continues to develop the story of star-crossed lovers Brian Donelson and Karen Williams introduced in "Where Love Once Lived"…Members of the Combine and Liz, the lovable librarian, are back, along with Liz's team from Frost's "The Vengeance Squad." Though written as a sequel, "Love Lives On" stands alone as a thoroughly entertaining read.

By Joy: Readers who appreciate characters who live by Christian values will enjoy this love story that follows the author's first novel WHERE LOVE ONCE LIVED, and its unfolding mystery. Women may be surprised by this male author's apparent understanding of the female perspective. Men may gain insight into that which has long been found puzzling to their gender.  I enjoyed reading a proof copy of this novel and even more the published one with its beautiful and intriguing cover.

I hope you will all read Love Lives On.

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