Sunday, May 5, 2013

More Reader Mail

Wanda A. -- I loved the book (Where Love Once Lived). It made me cry. I have been in a relationship for twenty one years and we are still not married. It gave me hope that everything is possible with God's help. We just need to be reminded. Thanks for reminding me. Please keep writing. Send me an email at xxx with any of your other books. Thanks again! Wanda

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Facebook – I just finished your book "Where Love Once Lived", it drew my interest because my husband and I me on the bookmobile – He was the driver and I was the patron. Thanks for sharing this wonderful story. I met him 33 years ago in Pasadena, TX it was love at first sight and still going.

Email from Reader – I am reading The Vengeance Squad now and am enjoying it. Having lived in Austin/Pflugerville/RR 26 for years, I can picture the scenes. As a cradle Episcopalian now Anglican, I relate as well.

Good job, Sid.

Email from Reader – I really enjoyed your book (Where Love Once Lived). Very inspirational.

Thank you.

Faye H -- Mr. Frost I just finished reading your book.  I have to say it was WONDERFUL!  I loved it so much and I am so glad I chose it.  There were so many things in the book, passages, scripture, prayers, and good clear thinking that it helped me so much.  I love books that are romantic and Christian.  I also love sci fi books, magic, fairy tales etc. 

You did an amazing job on this book and I will recommend it to anyone and everyone.  Thanks again for making my day!!!

Pat C. – Just wanted you to know that I read your new book "Love Lives On" and really enjoyed it. Didn't know so much could happen to one couple! Thanks for letting me know about it.

Peg C. – (re Love Lives On) A quick read and a real page turner!  I enjoyed the ongoing suspense and the way everything was resolved. 

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