Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Making Dreams Come True – Part 7

If you haven't read the previous parts, you may want to do so first. See:

White Rose Publishing reply came October 20, 2009

Thank you for submitting to White Rose Publishing. I still enjoy your story, Where Love Once Lived, and it’s always wonderful to see characters get a second chance at love. I sincerely regret that I must pass on it.

Your story is well-written and the characters are realistic, but while there is romance in the story, it’s not the main focus. For a story to be considered a romance, the relationship between the hero and heroine should be the main focus and take up a majority of the pages. The hero and heroine should be together as much as possible and thinking about each other when they’re apart. Where Love Once Lived is a story about Brian’s personal growth rather than the relationship between him and Karen. As I said, it’s a wonderful story, it’s just not right for White Rose Publishing. Should you write a romance in the future, I do hope you’ll keep us in mind.

I decided not to cut more

Although they didn't say so this time, I felt I could get the book published as a romance if I was willing to do more cutting. However, I decided to publish the book myself. During the process, the copyeditor I hired said there seemed to be a scene missing. So I put one of the cut scenes back in. I think she was amazed I could write it so quickly.

While preparing to self-publish and learning how to make e-books, I continued to work on the bookstore idea, looking for a place and buying books and decorations. The business of planning a business kept me busy and I enjoyed it.

But God had other plans for me.

During the time I was searching for a building to buy, I met Celeste. At first, she went with me to look at the various locations. Then at some point, the idea of living alone upstairs in a bookstore begin to lose its appeal.

Both of us had thought we would never marry again, but God brought us together. Knowing I'd rather live with her than above a store alone, I abandoned my bookstore idea and asked Celeste to marry me. She said 'no,' because she felt it was too soon after Lois died, but I tried again later and we were married March 19, 2010.

Celeste and I got married and moved into a nice home close to where our previous homes were. I don't miss that bookstore one bit. I rented a storage space we called "the bookstore" and moved my books there until I could find time to dispose of them. I sold most of  the collectibles on eBay and gave the others to libraries.

Where Love Once Lived was published in August 2010.

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