Thursday, December 8, 2011

Guest Host, Tom Blubaugh, Author of Night of the Cossack

Do you know a bestselling author? Do you want to meet one? Better yet, how awesome would it be to know that you had a hand in making a book a best seller? Now is your chance. Have fun and join me in making Night of the Cossack a Best Seller:

Here's how:

1. Buy a Book

This may sound like simple advice, but we would be honored if you would buy the compelling adventure Night of the Cossack. You can purchase the book at or you can purchase a signed copy at my site:

2. Email your contacts

You can send an email to all of your contacts and tell them how wonderful Night of the Cossack is. You can direct them to my site where they can read the first chapter. Here is a sample email that you can use:

Tom Blubaugh has written a book that is bound to become a best seller. Night of the Cossack is a compelling adventure about a teenager who is forced to grow up quickly. The main character, Nathan Hertzfield, faces many life or death situations during this saga. Join Nathan on his suspenseful journey through parts of Russia and Europe during the early 1900's. Don't miss the entertaining and intriguing story, Night of the Cossack. It is available at or you can purchase a signed copy at his site:

3. Facebook and other Social Networks

Facebook has become a powerful tool. I would greatly appreciate your posting comments about Night of the Cossack and Tom Blubaugh on your wall. Also, be sure to go to and press LIKE (and ask your friends to do the same). Also share with your friends through Twitter and Linkedin.

4. Speaking Engagements

I have been a public speaker 40 years. You can invite me to speak at your church, group or club. You can think of subjects around writing, fiction, genealogies and Christian themes for me to talk about.

5. Media Contacts

Use your media contacts to set up interviews for me. Consider anyone you know that is in the TV, radio, newspaper, magazine or newsletter business. No interview request is too large or too small. Please send requests to me (

6. Blog for me

Do you have a blog? Do you know someone else who blogs? If so, you can interview me about Night of the Cossack. Tom has a wonderful sense of humor and is great to interview. Please contact me to set up an interview

7. Review the book

You can go to and write a review for me Night of the Cossack is a great book that the whole family can enjoy. Reviews can also be sent to me.

8. Book Signings

You can help line up a book signing at your local book store, church or library. Contact me.

9. Old fashioned Word of Mouth

One of the best ways you can help propel Night of the Cossack to best seller status is through word of mouth. Be sure to tell your family, friends and co-workers about Night of the Cossack.

10. Buy a Book for Someone Else

Once you see how much you love Night of the Cossack, think of family members or friends that you know who would love to read it. Consider buying copies to give away for Christmas.

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  1. Thank you for the post, Sid. Much appreciated.


    Tom Blubaugh