Thursday, December 30, 2010

Reading While You Walk

I met a woman on the walking trail today who was reading a book while she walked. When I say 'met', I mean we passed each other close enough to force her to look up and respond to my hello. As soon as she was out of sight, she went back to reading the small green book she held in front of her. I know because she was reading aloud. However, she spoke so softly, I couldn't make out what she was saying.

I found this interesting for two reasons. First, that's what I used to do while memorizing operas. Somehow, I was able to remember the words better when spoken, and later sang, than I could if I read or sang them silently. Others have told me it worked for them, too.

Then it hit me, this woman was memorizing a part for a play. The book was rather thin like many scripts and there are several playhouses in the area. This made me curious and I wished I had been bold enough to ask her what she was reading. Wouldn't that be fun to talk to an actor while they were still preparing for the play and then go see them on stage? Or, perhaps she was learning a part for an audition. I'll never know.

I also found this "reading while you walk" interesting because if it could work for her it could work for me. I never seem to find time for either reading or walking and if I could combine the two, I could do more of each.

Oh, I know all about audible books if that's what you're thinking. Remember, I wrote an article about that a while back. (See: And I still think audible books are great for long road trips. The problem with using them while walking is what do you do when you get home? I usually read one fiction and one non-fiction at a time, so I would want to keep reading when I got back from my walk. The problem with audible books is that they are such a lonely endeavor, unless you and your spouse are listening together.

If I put on earphones at home, communications with Celeste could become a problem. As it is, we try not to talk to each other when we are reading, but there are times when talking is necessary. Now, I can put a finger in the book and give her my full attention. With an audible book, I might not even hear her at first and then when I did I would have to pause the machine. Not a great idea.

The woman reading on the trail also reminded me of another article I wrote called Writing While You Walk. (See: That's what I did today. I wrote this article while I walked, all in my head. Maybe I better stick to that.

Let me know what you think.

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