Friday, December 10, 2010

Find the Perfect Name for a Fictional Character Part 5

In previous posts, we talked about several ways to find perfect names for fictional characters. Even though we go through the steps of finding the right name, sometimes we still need help. That's where the Internet comes in handy. It wasn't too many years ago that I used to search through phone books for character names. Now, I don't have to leave my house to find the perfect name.

I had to laugh out loud recently when Camy Tang, Christian author of Sushi for One, Deadly Intent, and more, went to Facebook to find a name for a character. In the middle of the night, she wrote: Anybody around? Quick, give me first and last name ideas for a nasty old lady. Twenty-four suggestions came in. Then Camy posted this: Thanks guys! I chose Velma Crackenburg (Tryphena Sturgeon was close 2nd). When this book comes out, I'll blog & mention all of you by name!

An hour later (still in the middle of the night where I live) another SOS came in from Camy: I need some ideas for names for old, rich men. Twenty-eight responses came in this time and I tried to come up with a suggestion. I never did see the name she selected, but at 8:23 pm that night Camy posted this: THE BOOK IS DONE!!!!!! HALLELUJAH!!!!!

I don't know if the person who suggested Velma Crackenburg used it or not but it sounds like one of the names you get when you use the Fictional Character Name Generator available on the web. See: It is fun to play with. All you have to do is click on the male or female button to get a name, first and last. Here are two examples: Trevin Wostfoot and Scarlet Frelfly. I would never use it, but it is interesting to play with, and great for people who want a fictional sounding name.

One source on the web I would use is This site is loaded with useful information that will help you find the perfect name. And, it is easy to read. There are eight short tips plus comments from readers.

I would love to hear from you about how you select names. As a reader, I sometimes wonder why writers pick names that are so similar I can't remember who's who. How about you readers. Let me know what you think about names of fictional characters you encounter as you read.

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  1. I'm glad my call for character names amused you, Sid! Thanks also for that Character Name Generator link--I'll try that next time!