Wednesday, December 22, 2010

My Prize-Winning Bookstore

Some people asked me about the reference in yesterday's post to cleaning out my bookstore since I've never mentioned a bookstore before. Here's what happened.

All my life I've dreamed of owning a small independent bookstore with space for living above the store. In the store itself, I visualized a place to write plus displays of collectible books, posters and such from famous writers. Of course, I also realized it would never happen.

Then, when my wife died, and I needed to sell the house and find another place to live, I thought that might be the time to open a bookstore. I decided to limit it to prize-winning books only and began to collect books that had won the Pulitzer Prize. In addition, I would have a corner for Christy Award winners and children's section with nothing but Newbery Medal winners.

But God had other plans for me. While I was searching for a building to buy, I met Celeste. At first, she went with me to look at the various locations. Then at some point, the idea of living alone upstairs in a bookstore begin to lose its appeal. Living with Celeste sounded much better.

Celeste and I got married and moved into a nice home close to where our previous homes were. I don't miss that bookstore one bit. I rented a storage space we called "the bookstore" and moved my books there until I could find time to dispose of them. I will sell the collectibles on eBay and give away the others to libraries.

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  1. Here is a note from my friend Peg:
    Interesting story - a bit of you I never heard about, Sid. Back in the 80s when we talked about retiring early and moving to Santa Fe, Jim and I fantasized about owning a book store - perhaps a new/used book store dedicated to the mystery/suspense/spy genre. We even saw a wonderful little store that would have been perfect. Our daughter came up with a name: "Cliffhanger Books." Then I got a part time job at an independent book store in Houston where we were living. It was fun and a revelation at the same time. The practicality of it was that we could earn more from our dollars by investing them then we could from profit of owning a book store. And wouldn't be tied down. So we scrapped the idea. But it still is a great dream. Think you made the right decision. Celeste is special. Happy Christmas, Peg