Friday, December 17, 2010

It's Official—Come See Me at BookPeople

I've been bragging for some time now about the book signing I have scheduled at BookPeople in downtown Austin, Texas’ leading independent bookstore since 1970. In fact, my friend Rollo has called several times to ask me the date so that he could put it on his calendar and, hopefully, invite his friends.

However, yesterday, as I sat down to address postcards to my friends in Austin, I started wondering if the date was locked in or not. I had not seen any mention of the book signing on the BookPeople website, even though they have advertised such writers as Jimmy Carter, Laura Bush, and Fannie Flagg.

So, I sent an email to BookPeople to tell them my concern. A short time later, I checked the events calendar and found my name there.

So, it's official.

It doesn't say much yet, but at least I know I have the right date and time. I don't know Jennifer Hritz, but I hope she brings in lots of friends.

That date again, Rollo, is January 15, 2011, 7:00 p.m. Tell your friends. I'd hate sit next to Jennifer and not have anyone stop by to see me.

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  1. I'm bringing a few, but I hope to latch on to some of yours.