Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Watch Where You Put Your Cell Phone

Only a few people know I lost my cell phone recently. It's not something I like talking about because of the way it was lost. But, now since I've gotten beyond that feeling of loss of control (See God Works in Mysterious Ways--Again for more about that) I'm ready to confess I drove off with my cell sitting on the roof of the car.

I left the house in a hurry to get to an appointment for a photo of me to go on the back cover of Where Love Once Lived and didn't think about my phone until I got to I-35. I pulled over as safely as possible and got out of the car to check the roof. Of course it was gone. I had been driving over 60 miles per hour since turning onto Highway 195.

If I turned around to look for the phone I'd be late for the appointment. All I had to do was call the photographer and reschedule. He'd understand. Then I realized I couldn't call. I didn't have a phone. My next dumb thought was to call Celeste and ask her to look for the phone. Again, no way to call.

So, I continued to the studio and called Celeste from there. She searched the route without success.

When I got home I searched the entire route from home to Highway 195. No phone. I canceled the phone service and checked the lost and founds the next day. Finally, I decided it had been found by someone who wanted to keep it or it had landed on the highway or interstate and had been trampled to death. So, I let it go and bought a new one.

Today, I was out walking in the neighborhood and saw something that made me laugh. No, it wasn't my phone. What I saw was a handyman's pickup truck with a large drink on the hood. That's it. Next time I'll put my phone on the hood. That way I'll have a better of chance of noticing it before I drive too far.

So, that's my confession for the day. Have you ever done anything like that?

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  1. E-Mail from Betty:

    what a sorry about the phone..lynn came one day and picked up a big pan of cooked ribs...put in on roof and drove was all over mesa when discovered..