Monday, July 19, 2010

I Selected a Cover

Thanks to all who participated in helping me pick a cover for Where Love Once Lived. Here are a few of the comments I received:


I like the blue cover better, Sid. I think it matches the other colors in the illustration better. Also, blue indicates serenity and peace and I think it works better for your book.

I like the blue with the simpler font -- it flows more where the love once on the green stands out too much -- to me. I like the red which catches your eye without being so stark. So there you go -- I may be off base in that have never had to design a book cover ! : ) Just coming from an artist view.

I'm all for the blue----

I like the all blue one the best. I particularly like the red and its meaning. You have done a great job on this.


...likes the green !

really like the Green one..brings out the people better

It is a close call; but, I think the green cover might be the better choice.

I like the green one best but the blue cover also has appeal.


Tough decision! I, too, like them both. I'd say that Cover 2 is more masculine if that means anything. Stronger color, font. Glad I don't have to make the final cut!

I like them both. You need to decide.

So, it wasn't a simple decision. But, ultimately, as some of you pointed out, it is my decision. Perhaps this is why regular publishers don't give the author much say in the cover design. What do we know about marketing?

I was talking to a representative from Barnes and Noble Bookstore while at a writing conference and he told me how important a cover is. Now, my book may not be displayed in a bookstore long, but I hope the front cover will be shown on Amazon for years.

So, all things considered, I decided to go with the blue one. Why? I don't know. It just feels right. I added my photo on the back cover, bottom left and asked them to make the title and author font on the front cover larger and bolder.

Hope you like it.

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