Friday, July 16, 2010

BOOK REVIEW: Sell Your Book on Amazon

I read Sell Your Book on Amazon, Second Edition, by Brent Sampson, published in 2010 by

This book provides an insight into the many ways you can sell books on These techniques could be useful to book publishers of all sizes, but I believe the independent publisher or self publisher will benefit most. Sampson describes ways to increase sales and profits in a simple, easy to follow format.

I bought this book because I have a self-published book due out soon and I know it will be up to me to create interest in the book. Amazon is the best known online bookstore in the world and it is profitable because it helps publishers sell books. Sampson's book tells how to take advantage of the many ways Amazon can help.

Sell Your Book on Amazon describes how to set up your author center and profile. It describes how to take advantage of reviews, lists, and guides. It tells you how to automatically add your blog to Amazon.

The book also tells the reader how Amazon works and how it changes. It also tells you how you might make more profit on each sale.

Although my book is not out yet and I haven't used what I learned, I feel confident now that I can get more out of the Amazon services. The only trouble I had with the book was that there tended to be some repetition. Sampson would describe a technique in detail in an introductory summary and then again in a detail chapter.

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    Once you get some real-life experience, I can see you teaching classes on self-publishing. You are becoming an expert. Cheers, Peg