Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Readers Love Reunion Romances

2010 Novel & Short Story Writer's MarketWhile Where Love Once Lived is not biographical (I keep saying), there are certainly events in my own life that were similar to the events in the book. I also told you in an early post that Where Love Once Lived is not officially a romance. This I found out the hard way after working with the publisher and making changes trying to turn it into a romance. See Where Love Once Lived is NOT a Romance if you want to read the details. I'm planning a future article on the importance of knowing your genre before you start writing. I didn't.

But I did have an opportunity to reunite with an old love once in my life and I think that experience helped make the reunion between Brian and Karen in Where Love Once Lived more realistic. In the book, their friends assume the two will pick up where they left off thirty years ago.

In my case, my high school girl friend Jinx and I didn't fall madly in love when reunited as our friends thought we would. Still, we enjoyed being together because of the history we had with one another. We quickly learned we were meant to be friends, not soul mates.

If you're planning to write a novel, I suggest you buy the latest copy of Novel and Short Story Writer's Market and read the Genre Glossary.

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    OK - If Where Love Once Lived is not a romance, what is it? Peg