Saturday, February 13, 2016

Murder in Sun City Acknowledgements

Book acknowledgements often go unread. That's why I decided to published this as a blog article.

This book was my first to be written with the help of a critique team. I think it made it my best book yet.
A special thanks to Dorothy Featherling and Wayne Dawson, the other two members of the team. They helped me in many ways. A major reason to join a critique team is to write on a regular basis. Left on my own, I can go for days, even weeks, without writing a word and find ways to justify the lack of productivity. A critique team is hard to ignore. We began with a goal of two-thousand words a week and later upped it to three-thousand a week. Sometimes what I submitted was short and not my best work, but the word count grew.
We met weekly and critiqued each other's work in writing and verbally. We limited the verbal critique to fifteen minutes per person. The corrections and suggestions received were valuable to me and resulted in changes in story direction and character development. In addition, I learned to be a better editor by reading and commenting on their work.
I would also like to thank my editor, Lisa Lickel. She did an excellent job correcting my mistakes and pointing out where more (or less) was needed.
Thanks to Peg Case for talking to me early on about the concept. Thanks to Liz Franklin for helping with the opening based on an oral account of what I planned.

Beta readers for this book were Malia Barth, Nell Newton, and Vivian Davis. A special thanks to all of you. This book wouldn't be the same without your input.

The books that resulted from our year-long critique meetings can be found here:

The Darkness That Could Be Felt by C. Wayne Dawson:

Conventional Murder (Staged for Murder Book 2) by D.A. Featherling:

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