Friday, December 28, 2012

BOOK REVIEW: The Haunting of Alligator Lake by B.J. Robinson

One of the things I love about Kindles and other e-book readers is that we now have more short stories to read. Authors don't have to tailor the length of their stories to fit the publisher's print process. They can write short stories, novellas, and novels of various sizes and find a market for them.

The Haunting of Alligator Lake is such a story. I'm not sure how long it would be in pages, but it is just the right length for a quick read on your Kindle. Often a short story is limited in the number of characters and number of situations the characters get involved in. This book was much fuller than most short stories I read.

It is about tales and fairy tales of white alligators and mermaid on Alligator Lake in St. Cloud, Florida. The story comes alive with likable characters who meet up with the alligators and mermaid in interesting ways. Allan and his wife Jan used to spend time together on the lake. Since her death, he goes alone. The stories about white alligators rescuing people meant nothing to him, since they didn't save Jan. Other characters may not have as strong a connection to the lake, but they probably form one by the end of the story.

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