Tuesday, December 11, 2012

BOOK REVIEW: America America by Ethan Canin

Through the use of several interesting characters, this story describes what could happen when politicians and supporters place more importance on being elected than on doing what's right, even what's legal.

The story begins with Corey Sifter, the publisher of the local newspaper, attending the funeral of Senator Henry Bonwiller. The Speaker-Sentinel is the last of local dailies left in the area, all the others having been bought out by the larger publishing conglomerates. Corey's intern, Trieste Millbury, is also at the funeral. Her assignment was to help the reporter and to write a sidebar for the story.

From this beginning, the author cleverly takes the reader back in history to the time when Corey first meets Senator Bonwiller, while periodically returning the reader to the time of the funeral and forward.

Corey grew up in a working-class family, but, at an early age, had an opportunity to work for a neighbor who was quite powerful. The neighbor took a liking to Corey and got him into a good school and later into college. His work for the Metarey family continued during the times when he came home from school.

The story centers around the time the Metareys were supporting Senator Bonwiller in his run for president. The fight for the party's nomination was interesting and informative. Corey gets involved in the senator's run for president and learns more about politics than he thought possible.

This is a novel everyone in America should read. You'll not only learn more about American politics, you'll meet a number of characters you won't soon forget.

P.S. I found an excellent copy of America America on eBay cheap.

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