Saturday, November 10, 2012

BOOK REVIEW: The Divide by Nicholas Evans

I checked out the audio edition of The Divide by Nicholas Evans for a car trip from Texas to South Carolina. The book was 14 hours long, and since we couldn't listen all the way, we had not finished by the time we arrived. My wife and I continued to listen after we arrived, some the first night and the rest the next morning. We talked about the book and weren't sure what pulled us in so. But we agreed we had to know how the story ended. Unlike the books we normally read, there was not an appealing main character. Instead, there were many interesting characters, most of whom grew and changed during the story. I think what kept me listening was the way the author described the characters and the settings. I could see them in my mind. The descriptions were unique, not the clichés some authors use.

The book begins near the end of the story, and then backs up and backs up more. It is not until the twelfth and final disc that the book catches up with its beginning.

The lives of Ben and Sarah Cooper and their son, Jeff, are changed forever when they learn their college-aged daughter, Abbie, is wanted for murder after an ecoterrorism plan turns deadly.

I highly recommend the book. 

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