Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Where Love Once Lived Ready for iPad

Well, I'm glad to say I finished converting Where Love Once Lived to the epub format which means it is eligible for the iPad and many other eReaders.

It took longer than I thought it would. Since I already had a Kindle version, I figured it would be a simple job to repackage it according to the epub rules. It wasn't.

But, now that I know how to do it, the next time I do it should be faster. I lost track of time and don't know how many hours I spent building the file. And, by file I mean a zip folder with three subfolders and more than 20 files. All I know is that I used most of my free time Sunday and Monday working on it.

When Celeste came in from shopping today, I checked the clock and it was 1:30 and I realized I hadn't had lunch yet. I remembered she had planned to eat out with Sally, so as soon as they came in I knew I'd been at the computer way too long.

But, still, I couldn't stop. I had just reduced the number of errors from the ePub validating procedure from several hundred to four. I was close to being finished and couldn't stop. Then it was down to one error and I couldn't see it. My eyes hurt from staring at the xml tags so I decided to take a lunch break.

I warmed up some excellent leftovers and sat down in front of the monitor while I ate hoping something would make sense. And then I saw it. The last error. The last hurdle between having a bunch of meaningless bits and having an eBook.

I had left out the extension for one of the files.

I didn't stop eating. I just smiled. I had the answer. Now I could take my time and enjoy the food.

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