Monday, October 4, 2010

Sunday Should Be a Day of Rest

Sunday has always been a day of rest for me, probably because I have a tendency to work too much anyway and use the Lord's day as an excuse to slow down. I held at least two jobs all my life, my main computer programming job and my teaching job. In addition, I spent a great deal of time singing and writing with little income to show for either of those activities.

So, yesterday, being Sunday, I surprised myself by working on the computer after church. After lunch, Celeste watched football and then played golf until dark. All the while I worked on creating an eBook version of Where Love Once Lived that would work on eReaders other than Kindle.

Perhaps surprise is not the right word for how I felt. At first it was guilt. But I quickly came up with a rationalization for working on Sunday. It was okay because I had worked all day Friday for the church. Now, that makes sense, right? Friday, a day I would normally write, was taken up with creating the PowerPoint slides for the church. It took longer than usual because it was World Communion Day and we had a more traditional service.

So, instead of relaxing or meditating Sunday afternoon, I struggled with learning how to build an epub file. Even with my training as a web developer, I had trouble grasping the concept. Finally, I found an example to study. I found it in a book called ePub Publishing Guide by Nicholas Pang. I'll do a formal review of the book later, after I actually create an error-free epub file based on what I've learned.

But, the day ran out before I was successful, and not completing the project yesterday made me feel even worse for working on Sunday.

Was the whole effort wasted? No, I still learned a lot about the process even if I don't have the final product yet.

Would I have been more successful had I waited until today to work on it? Probably. I needed rest. I needed exercise. I needed to get away from the computer.

What do you do on Sundays?

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  1. E-Mail from Betty:

    sunday school, then church...most sundays out to eat early of day is to do things i enjoy, football, movie etc..not so much work..ha rest on his day