Saturday, September 4, 2010

Where Love Once Lived Available Internationally

I've been finding Where Love Once Lived listed for sale in some strange places. Unfortunately, none of them seem to be working.

Peg Case sent me her favorite website for finding books: and there my book was. Well, if you know the ISBN anyway. Unfortunately, if you know the ISBN you either have the book or know where it's listed on But, while looking at the website, I notices it showed the book is available at Alibris.

See: They will sell the $15.95 book to you for only $88.77. They mention it can be ordered from Warks, UK for only $32.89 plus shipping. (see: now shows there are some used copies available. They give you a choice of $15.95 new or $17.75 used. Wow, that's a tough choice. I think I would go with Amazon, especially if I planned to buy other books totaling $25 or more to save on shipping.

The used dealer any_book has a very good, a like new, and a new copy of the book in stock, all costing more than the new Amazon book.

the_book_depository_ actually beats Amazon's price. They are offering the book for $15.94 plus $3.99 shipping.

brandnewgoodsus is selling the book new for $16.32 plus $3.99.

I found the book listed on the Canadian, United Kingdom, French, German, and Japanese versions of Amazon.

On eBay, I found one copy available from a seller in the United Kingdom for $22.29 plus shipping.

A Google search by ISBN brings up the usual plus two companies in Japan. See:

The best deal is at Barnes and Noble online. See:

Here you can buy the book for only $11.48 plus postage. And, if you spend $25 or more, shipping is free. What I like is the part that says customers who bought this book also bought The ShackChristmas JarsThe Screwtape Letters, , , and so forth.

All very interesting. However, I haven't seen any sales statistics to show that any of these book resellers actually have copies of the books in stock.

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