Tuesday, May 22, 2012

BOOK REVIEW: To Love A Witch by Debora Geary

To Love A Witch is billed as a novel nibble because of its brevity, and that's why I selected it. For you Kindle readers, it is 974 locations in length, estimated to be 71 pages. I had just finished reading Stone's Fall which is 610 pages and was looking for something I could finish in a hurry. I hesitated at first because of the title and because the next book to read for my neighborhood book club is about the Salem witch trials. But this one by Debora Geary looked different. It looked like it could be humorous so I started it. I'm glad I did.

To Love A Witch is a romantic comedy plus. In the author's world there are different types of witches. Jake, who is a monitor for the Witch Sentinel System, is investigating a possible problem at the Franklin County Youth Detention Center when he discovers Romy. Jake is a witch with special control powers, one of which is to be able to fly on his bike. Romy is a witch with fire-throwing abilities she never learned to control.

Jake learns of other problems in the area due to his predecessor and he sets about, with Romy's help, to solve them. The two are drawn together, and Romy learns to control her witchcraft before incinerating Jake.

I laughed through the first three fourths and cried during the rest. It was that type of book.

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