Thursday, January 19, 2012

Still Another Amazon Review for The Vengeance Squad

5.0 out of 5 stars
Vengeance Squad, January 18, 2012
By Carol A. Brown
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This review is from: The Vengeance Squad (Paperback)
Sidney Frost's Vengeance Squad delighted me in that I don't usually read "shoot `em ups" or cop or crime types of books--but this one wasn't like that, or was it? I almost thought it might be mushy romance until the helicopter landed and a bunch of thugs robbed the bank and killed Sarah. Chris, the main character is a computer nerd, a professor type with OCD tendencies! Not your typical protagonist for a crime story! Yes, there was crime--murder, robbery, illegal aliens and a terror plot. Chris wanted vengeance, wanted to blow his fiancé's killers off the earth and make their families suffer as badly as he did. An ex-con/ex-marine in a wheelchair and a grandmotherly librarian complete the unlikely core of Chris's "vengeance squad." Using computer savvy they follow one clue after another and end up traveling from Texas to Massachusetts and back, closely followed by the FBI or maybe MI5...

The author, Sid Frost, did an excellent job keeping the action moving. Some stories suspend the action to spend pages on scene description. Sid didn't go into laborious detail--he told you enough so you knew where you were without drowning in it. I didn't notice the sparseness of description because the action pulled me in. What was going on in the action and in people's thoughts was what was important.

I asked myself, "If it wasn't a crime story, what was it? It is a story of one man's response to grief; it chronicles the temptation to turn from faith in God in the face of a bitter loss. Such a time is a turning point--you turn to God for strength or away from Him in anger because He did not intervene. It is a story of how turning from God leads to other things, and sin becomes easy. Without intervention on God's part and the part of some big hearted, big spirited people the story would have had a much different ending! Overall I came away feeling that love triumphed over violence.

Warning: This book will grab you. And if it does, you could end up staying up late to finish it--like I did! I would definitely recommend this book.


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