Thursday, June 23, 2011

Serendipity Sells Books

In March of this year I told you about an email I received from a neighbor who had read Where Love Once Lived after hearing me talk about it at a party. I'm careful not to push books at social gatherings, but if an opening arises, I take it. In this case, I had noticed someone in the house was reading a novel similar to mine, so I left a business card about my book with the hostess while commenting on the book I saw there. As you will see if you read the following, this lead to her getting the book, reading it and sending me an email.

Another neighbor, one who had heard about the book from the hostess of the party I went to, was looking for a speaker for a monthly meeting of Christian women. She asked if I would be interested. I said yes and gave her a copy of the book to look at.

I told you about the meeting and my talk in this article:

Later, I received a thank you note from the neighbor who had invited me to speak with these words:

Thank you so much for coming to our luncheon and talking about writing your book. I felt it was a very interesting talk given by a gifted speaker. Thanks again, your neighbor…

Yes, I sold a few books after the talk, but the appreciation received after my talk was worth even more to me.

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