Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Scott M. Shafer--What Every Dream Means

Join Scott M. Shafer and thousands of others on Tuesday, April 5, 2011 for the launch of What Every Dream Means. Purchase a copy at Amazon.com and get immediate access to valuable free bonus gifts offered for a limited time by the sponsors and partners of this life-changing offering!

Everyone dreams and yet so few grasp the truth of the meaning of these valuable gems. What Every Dream Means by Scott M. Shafer reveals remarkable insights into the development of a lifestyle that involves embracing and listening to the details of our dreams, which is ultimately transformational. Each dream and symbol is completely unique, much like the human eye. As you discover principles of working with your own symbolism and with the kinds of picture language revealed in dreams such as riddles, metaphors and more your thought processes will change dynamically.

What Every Dream Means presents a model of dream interpretation that involves intimacy, is deeply relational, principle centered, and is rooted in a Judeo/Christian spiritual perspective.

Go to :  http://WhatEveryDreamMeans.com/Launch for more information.

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