Friday, April 22, 2011

Another Review for Where Love Once Lived

I was looking at today because I'm working with them to get better categories set. It has been a hassle and, once I've got it the way I want it, I'll tell you about it. However, I was surprised to find a new review for Where Love Once Lived. It was written by a classmate of mine from the online writing classes I took. I also had the opportunity to meet him in person at the Yosemite Writing Conference where both of our manuscripts won awards.

Rob Mullins bought a copy of my book as soon as he heard it was available. Here's what he had to say:

It's never too late for love, April 19, 2011

Sidney Frost is a man who believes in both the power of God and the power of love. His story of Brian and Karen and love seemingly long lost and found again (with the help of a bookmobile!) is a good read. You'll notice right away that Mr. Frost spent a lot of time crafting his story and delivering it in an uplifting manner. If you're looking for a positive, Christian romance, then you'll want to read Where Love Once Lived.

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