Monday, March 7, 2011

My First Television Interview

Because of being one of the speakers at the Booked for Lunch fundraiser, I was invited to be  on the Author! Author! segment which is part of Sun City's Channel 79 News and Views. The segment was filmed Friday, March 4, 2011 and will air Monday and Tuesday, March 14-15, 2011.

Preparing for the Interview
I was given the following notes to prepare for the interview:

·         After introductions, name of the book or books, type of book and a brief synopsis
·         When did you decide to write a book?
·         How long did it take you to research/gather ideas?
·         What was the best part of writing and what was the worst part?
·         How many times did you edit or re-write?
·         Did anyone else help you with the book?
·         How did you get it published?
·         Last thought...

Although I received the notes six weeks in advance, I didn't look at them until the day before the interview. By now, I've talked about the book enough to know I do better if I speak from my heart rather than from notes.

Meeting the Interviewer
The interview was held in the Sun City Oaks in what used to be a restaurant. When I came in they were finishing with another interview so I waited quietly until it was over. I was greeted by Pattie Fludd who said she would be the reporter interviewing me. She talked to me briefly and went over the questions with me again. She had not read the book, but knew it was a Christian novel.

The cameraman was about 10 feet in front us with the director sitting in a chair next to him. Behind them was a table with five or six people in what appeared to be a meeting of some type. I wondered if the sound from there would affect the interview, but when the cameraman held up his hand everything got quiet. When he lowered his hand the interview began. No mike check. The cameraman wore earphones and we weren't live, so I suspect they would have restarted if needed.

The Interview
I looked toward the interviewer mostly, but once I held the book up for the camera. I also noticed the positive looks from the director from time to time. The only surprise for me was when Pattie asked what the worst part of writing the book was. Even though I hadn't worked on the questions, my memory was that she was supposed to ask what was the best and then what was the worst. So, when she asked about the worst, I changed it to best and what surprised me was I said the best part was when the characters came alive for me. I then answered her question about the worst part by saying it was getting it published.

When Pattie asked if I had any last thoughts, I talked about how to buy a copy of the book.

The whole interview lasted less than fifteen minutes and I had much more I could have said.

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