Monday, March 14, 2011

Latest Book Review Warms My Heart

Diane Craver, an author of at least ten books, and a member of the American Christian Fiction Writers association, wrote the following review of Where Love Once Lived:

Where Love Once Lived is a story of the worst kind of deception that changes the life path of not only the two main characters, Brian and Karen, but of several other characters. I couldn't stop turning the pages to see how God would work in Brian's life as he tries to erase the heartache he caused Karen in the past. The characters became so real to me that I felt deeply troubled about what had happened to both of them as young lovers.

Having Brian buy and drive the bookmobile was a clever and unique device to use in the book. Brian thinks that the bookmobile and returning to the place where he and Karen were college sweethearts would remind her of former romantic times. Instead she becomes upset with Brian. She can't forget how he had hurt her deeply thirty years ago when he dumped her with no explanation. Frost includes a group of college friends (named the Combine) which works very well in the story. It's interesting how they are all together again, and Karen agrees to go with Brian to see all of them.

The scenes between Brian and his best friend Phil's father, George McCullough, are heartwarming. As Brian struggles with getting his faith and Karen back, he seems to receive the best advice and understanding from the elder McCullough.

I highly recommend Sid Frost's Where Love Once Lived, and I look forward to reading more books by this talented author.

This wonderful review can be found at and other places. Thank you, Diane.


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