Thursday, April 8, 2010

Feeling Alone in a Crowd

In this part of Where Love Once Lived, Brian is hosting a wedding reception for Cindy and Josh when he gets a call from Karen. It is the first time she has contacted him since his return to Austin and he is happily surprised. Tony had just given Brian two tickets to his upcoming opera and suggested he invite Karen so he does so on the phone. She accepts. This is an excerpt of what happens when he in confronted by Liz after he finishes talking to Karen:

"We have a date for Sunday. We're going to the opera."

"Fantastic. Then, your sadness has nothing to do with the phone call."

"What do you mean?"

"Look, I work with you every day. I know your looks, your moods, even what you're thinking sometimes." Liz looked bigger than usual in her fancy dress. He couldn't tell where her shoulders ended and her arms began. She was so charming, no one thought of her as big.

"You don't!" he said.

"Afraid so. Like today, you're trying to play the part of friend and uncle to make sure the married couple has a memorable day. All along you'd prefer to be alone, feeling sorry for yourself for not having had a successful marriage."

He couldn't believe how accurate she was. "You don't know what you're talking about."

"Don't I? Look, I felt some of those emotions myself. I haven't had that happy marriage either, you know. I prayed for it, but it wasn't God's will."

"Well, I've been happy. Not happily married, but I've had a good life."

"I know you have." Liz squeezed his arm. "I also know you want more out of life. Perhaps you'll find true happiness with Karen."

"I hope, but I haven't had much luck with her yet. To be honest, this opera date was Tony's idea. I'm not sure she'd go if he wasn't in it."

"It's a start. Can I say a prayer for you?"

"Right here? Right now?"

"Yeah. No one will notice. They never do at parties."

Have you ever had a friend notice you're suffering in some way. Did they offer to pray for you? Or, perhaps you're the one who prayed for a friend. Prayer helps.

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