Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Designing the Book Interior

Last Wednesday I received prompts from CreateSpace to respond to two activities regarding Where Love Once Lived.
  • Total Design Freedom Custom Book Interior
  • Signature Book Cover
Total Design Freedom Custom Book Interior is the CreateSpaces choice I selected for the book interior. Since the submission instructions are for fiction and nonfiction, I wasn't sure what to do next so I clicked on Additional Resources for help. Based on the information there, I learned they wanted the manuscript with title page, dedication, and acknowledgement, all in one file. The instructions said they would create the title and copyright pages. It also said to use two asterisks to designate where to separate text with a fleuron. I'd been using three pound signs so I replaced them with asterisks. In one place I had a letter from Josh to Brian written while Josh is in the marines and I thought it would look better if it was double indented. I found instructions on how to do that using special tags. I checked the dedication and acknowledgement pages since they had not gone to the copyeditor, and submitted the file.

A questionnaire came up next. For font, I chose Perpetula 12, primarily because it was the only one they offered that I had on my computer. That meant I could print it out and see what it looked like. I tried 10, 11, and 11 1/2, but 12 looked best. I also selected a fleuron.

Total Design Freedom Custom Book Interior is the most expensive choice and perhaps the added benefits would be better for a nonfiction book. See http://CreateSpace.com for more information about the choices.
In the next article I'll tell you about my choices for the cover.

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