Wednesday, June 27, 2012

BOOK REVIEW: When God Whispers Loudly by Chris M. Hibbard

This apocryphal story is about what happens when a busy man hurries home to attend his daughter's piano recital while his mind is on the disappointment of not getting a promotion at work. He considers whether he would have had more career success if he hadn't spent so much time with his family. He feels they don't appreciate the sacrifices he makes for them. His rage grows as the weather worsens and when he calls out to God for answers, to the wrong questions, he ends up in the hospital after his car goes off the road and turns over several times.

When God Whispers Loudly reminds me of the classic movie, It's a Wonderful Life, starring James Stewart, in that the husband in both stories gets a chance to look into the future to see the past.

I was moved as I read the story because I remember how my three children grew up so fast while I struggled with my job. I justified my time away from them by telling myself I was doing it for them. If I had it to do over, and with what I know now, I would do it differently.

This story is available as an e-book only and would be about ten pages if printed. However, as I read it, I couldn't help thinking it has the feel of a longer book. I could see it being expanded into a novella or even a novel by fleshing out the characters and gradually introducing the plot.

When God Whispers Loudly reminds us there are more important things in life than our jobs.


  1. I love the title! Usually God whispers softly--sometimes so softly that I'm not sure I'm hearing Him correctly. Sounds like a very poignant and timely story--thanks for sharing your review!

  2. Unlike Sandra, God shouts at me because I am so stubborn, hard of hearing and stiffnecked, I ignore His gentle whispers. But however He does it, it is wonderful to know we have such a powerful protector who will not stop until He gets our attention. I like what is said here about Chris' book and will read it soon.

  3. Thanks for commenting Sandra and Yvonne.

  4. Thank you for the kind words and insight, Sidney. I have been long thinking of doing just what you suggested, and rewriting this story as a novel. I only need to find the time!

    I have a few other works you may like if you enjoyed this short story. If you like, check them out at my website:

    Thank you!
    Chris M. Hibbard