Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Celebrating Two-Hundred Articles

This is the 200th article on the Christian Bookmobile since the first one climbed aboard March 31, 2010.

I set out not knowing what direction God might take me with this new way of reaching people through the Internet, but knowing I had something to say.

My stated goal was "…to provide something of interest to both readers and writers who like fiction that shows the love of God without being preachy."

Later, after reading what I had written so far, I added this:  "Since my book is set in Austin, Texas, this blog also includes some of my memories about growing up in Austin before it became weird."

To be honest, there weren't 200 new articles. There were a number of times I used an excerpt from Where Love Once Lived or Vengeance Is Mine rather than something created special for the blog. However, I think that served a purpose to give readers a sample of what to expect from the books. Excerpts were also discussed at times.

Also, the 200 includes excerpts from other author's books, book reviews, author interviews provided by other authors, as well as book descriptions provided by others. However, I tried to always follow the original goals of the blog as described above. I hope you agree that I did.

One of the problems I thought I would have with the blog was to write it in a way to reach both readers and writers. I considered having two separate blogs. But, I believe it turned out okay on that count. Writers are readers and many readers enjoy learning about the writing craft, so there was something for everyone.

Blogspot, the blogging method I use, provides a way to identify labels in each article. In reviewing those, I found the following most often used (each was in 10 or more articles):
Bonnie Hearn Hill (my writing teacher)
Book Reviews
Celeste (my wife)
Christian Fiction
University of Texas
Vengeance is Mine
Writers League of Texas

Sometimes I wonder if I remember to add these labels each time. If you want to see all the articles with a particular label, click on the label on the left.

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