Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Full Color Version of the Cover

Here are the steps involved in CreateSpace's Illustrated Cover Design:

1. Complete a brief questionnaire to give us an idea of the scene you want to capture in your cover illustration.

2. Upload any images you'd like to include.

3. We'll create a cover sketch based on your input.

4. Give us feedback on your sketch, and based on your input we'll design a black and white illustration for your cover.

5. Approve your black and white illustration, and we'll create a full-color version for your approval.

6. Next we'll create two cover concepts, each with your approved color illustration and varying title designs, colors, and back cover layouts. We can create a third concept upon request; additional fees may apply.

7. Choose one concept and request any last updates to your cover. Your final cover will include the custom-created illustration, your author photo, back cover text, and unique barcode.

When I got back from a two week trip to China, I found step 5 had been completed for Where Love Once Lived. I've shown it here for you to see. To me, it still looks like a sketch. I'm not sure how to evaluate it. I wonder if this is what I'll get if I say go to the next step, or will they use brighter colors. Based on the steps remaining, this may be the final illustration.

Let me know what you think.

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