Saturday, September 3, 2022

 The Knights Templar Amazing Comeback

Blog #1 Death of the Knights Templar

Death of the Knights Templar Portugal evicted the Muslims in 1272 thanks in large part to the superb military skills of the Knights Templar. The Order’s accomplishment was forgotten 40 years later, however, when the Pope bowed to pressure from the King of France and abolished it The monarch was so driven by greed for the Order’s wealth that he drummed up false accusations against them and burned some of their leaders at the stake, torturing others. The Pope completed the liquidation of the Templars by ordering the transfer of their assets to another military order, the KnightsHospitaller. Several countries also banned the Templars and seized their holdings. One exception to this was King Dinis of Portugal , a monarch who had no use for the accusations made against the Templars. King Edward of England also expressed doubts to Dinis about the charges leveled against the Templars. But unlike Edward, Dinis was determined to find a wa

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