Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The Vengeance Squad Goes to England

Chris knows he's going to help Liz. What he doesn't know is what to tell Angela. She expects him to spend his semester break in Bath, England with her. He isn't sure he is ready for a deeper relationship so soon after his fiancée was murdered two years earlier.

Tex, the wheelchair-bound ex-con and part-time student, plans to spend time at home during the school break. He only has one more semester to go to get his degree, and his part-time job at the library plus the criminal investigations he does with Chris and Liz has kept him away from his family too much. Can he say no to Liz? She'd been like a mother to him.

Liz Siedo, the director of library services, has saved enough money to buy a bookmobile, mostly donations from patrons with little to give. At least she thought she had. She learns a hundred grand disappeared around the same time her boyfriend Virgil did. She is known as the hugger and cheer leader, and is often outspoken about her Christian beliefs. Now she is angry and calls Chris and Tex in to help her find Virgil and get revenge.

With the help of Cloris, another woman Virgil has bilked out of a large sum of money, the vengeance squad tracks him to London, Stratford, St. Andrews in Scotland, and Seaford until soon he's chasing them. The closer they get, the more dangerous he becomes. Concern for money becomes a concern for life.

They all but give up before Chris's idea to use the Internet to recruit librarians and bookmobile drivers in the United Kingdom to help catch Virgil.

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