Friday, July 15, 2011

John3:16 Network Blog Tour – Lisa Lickel

Lisa Lickel is a Wisconsin writer who lives with her husband in a hundred and sixty-year-old house built by a Great Lakes ship captain. Surrounded by books and dragons, she writes inspiring fiction. Her novels include mystery and romance, all with a twist of grace. She has penned dozens of feature newspaper stories, short stories, magazine articles and radio theater. She is the editor in chief of Creative Wisconsin Magazine and loves to encourage new authors. Lisa also is an avid book reviewer, a freelance editor, an editor at Port Yonder Press, a writing mentor, a hostess at Clash of the, and enjoys blogging at and Find her at

How long have you known you wanted to be an author?

I’m one of those rarer creatures who did not consider being a professional writer until I was close to forty. I’d been a school and church secretary, and local historian, content with raising my family and all that goes with it, when I took a course from the Christian Writers Guild and started selling articles before I graduated. My first novel made the top ten of the First Novel contest, and I simply kept writing.

Can you tell me a little bit about your newest book?

To be Titled…Coming October 2011 from Black Lyon, a new love story of one unforgettable summer of renewed purpose, faith and strength in family. Set on a farm in a small Wisconsin community, a family rediscovers the meaning of trust, loyalty, and letting go. In the beautiful rolling hills of Oakville, a family is torn by the impending loss of their heritage. Told in layers by each of the four, Tessa Hasmer Murphy faces divorce when the man of her dreams walks back in her life and forces her to choose between what could have been and what is. Tessa’s daughter Lindsay finds a way to save the family farm, but it may cost her the only man that she has ever loved. Art Hasmer must face his ghosts and come home in time to be a parent to his son or risk losing the woman who has waited for him since high school. And when Andy, Art’s son, discovers the meaning of forgiveness, he must learn to accept it as well as give it in order to receive sweet Ella’s love.
~with co-author Shellie Neumeier

When a reader gets done with your book, what do you want them to come away with?

I honestly hope my readers have taken a little vacation from too-real life with my little slice of entertainment. Although my books often deal with tough issues (serious illness, disappearance of a spouse, life challenges) I try to include lighter moments as well. I hope my readers have enjoyed the story enough to tell several someone elses about it.

Is there a place you have always wanted to visit? A vacation spot, historical monument, overseas, etc?

Now that I’ve had a chance to meet my Norwegian cousins who came here for a vacation, I’d love to go visit them in my country of origin.

What one event would you love to be at? Historical or future?

I would love to stand in the middle of a busy space port when first contact with another species is established.

Do you have a favorite hobby?

I like to sew and quilt.

Is there something about you most people wouldn't know?

I’m completely useless when it comes to giving or receiving directions.

Do you have any suggestions for the aspiring writer?

Writing and being published is such an up and down profession; do not take anything personally, never surrender, strive for constant growth.

Any last thoughts for your readers?

You hold a piece of my soul in your hands whenever you buy my work or read my stories. I’d love to connect with you to talk more about pretty much anything.

Books by Lisa Lickel available on

  • ·         Healing Grace
  • ·         Meander Scar
  • ·         The Gold Standard

Thank you, Lisa, for sharing your writing story with us today. 



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  6. Nice interview, Lisa. It's good to get a glimpse of the person behind the scenes.

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