Tuesday, May 17, 2011

EXCERPT: Rainn On My Parade by LoRee Peery

Get a grip, woman, and act your age.

The sirens drew close. She soon heard activity below, but she kept her eyes clamped shut.

“Hold on, Ms. Carson. Don’t be scared,” a disembodied voice that didn’t belong to her future son-in-law spoke from below. “Just hold on.”

“I assure you, I’m too scared to let go.” Geneva’s voice quivered. But she couldn’t help smiling at her predicament.

The extension ladder whirred softly and creaked as it reached for the top branches of the tree.

She squeezed her eyes tighter.

“I’m right behind you now.”

“Thank you, Lord.”

“Not God, just me.”

The firefighter chuckled.

Her eyes popped open when she felt him close behind. Thankful for the cropped-pajama bottoms she wore instead of a nightgown, Geneva frowned at the unexpected shiver as she attempted to place the voice.

“Whenever you’re ready, just let go.”

“Thought you told me to hold on.”

“Well, I’m here to catch you now.”

She caught the humor in his voice. And hated it.

“Oh, good grief. I’m too heavy for anybody to catch me.” She lowered her eyes to half mast.

“Spunky, most likely,” came from under his breath.

She doubted he meant for her to hear.

Is that professional behavior? Well, that’s pretty nervy of the guy. But then again, I am caught in a tree. She snickered, wondering if she was hysterical. She tried for a deep breath but it turned into a gulp around her sternum. “Are you sure I can let go?”

“Geneva, trust me.” That popped her eyes wide open.

The confident urging voice and the use of her first name drew enough courage to peer downward.

Rainn Harris.

And he was way too close for comfort.

Eric would never live this down at the firehouse. His future mother-in-law rescued from a tree, by his buddy.

She remembered her first look at him. Rainn was a few years older than Eric, but they became fast friends when they met at University. Geneva may have heard Rainn’s name a time or two before Eric started working on Moselle’s loft, but she hadn’t any reason to pay attention. Since then, she’d seen him with Eric many times.

Rainn probably knew more about her than she did him.

Before she could fathom any further thought, Geneva let go and found herself wrapped in the strongest arms and pressed against the strongest chest imaginable.
I’d climb the tree again if this firefighter would come for me.

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  1. Thank you for spotlighting my story, Sid.
    If readers like reading about an older heroine, Geneva's sister Lanae tells her story in the third Frivolities book, coming out soon.

  2. It is a privilege to post this excerpt. I especially like the older characters.

  3. Woo hoo! Love the excerpt, LoRee! Thank you for sharing with us, and thank you for hosting her, Sid. :)

  4. You're welcome, Amanda. Thanks for stopping by.

  5. LoRee,please read my blog tomorrow: Amazon.com Reviews – A How To Guide for Authors since I got the idea from you. Amanda, if you know LoRee, tell her how you got so many reviews on Amazon.

  6. A big thanks to Amanda and Lisa.
    And a bigger thanks to you, Sid.
    I have learned that networking is vital. It takes time to build support, and grow through the learning curves, whatever they may be.
    I also believe in my stories, and that God chooses the readers.